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A substantial range of personal care products is within our manufacturing capabilities. Liquids, solids, creams, in the areas of facial care, body care, hair care and oral care, JNavigator is truly a one stop manufacturing partner.

Using new (3 years or newer) state-of-the-art compounding equipment such as computerized vacuum kettles to highly accurate inventory and batch weighing system, our products exude quality, efficiency and consistency.

Filling operations are highly versatile. Capable of minimum trial runs to millions of highly automated filling of jars, bottles, tubes, lip balms, and specialized airless pumps, ALMA Laboratories is flexible with your needs and set-up perfectly for efficient changeover of hundreds of different containers that are in your line. Contact us to see what

Packaging operations are usually done on the same line as the filling to promote efficiency. Outer cartons are folded; bottles and jars are labeled when needed. Then tamper seals or shrink wraps or the ultra luxury cellophane can be wrapped (like gift wraps) and sealed.

Products are then assembled according to customer specified shipper cartons for delivery to distribution centers across the world.


ALMA Laboratories, cosmetics contract manufacturing.

ALMA Laboratories
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