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• What are your minimums?
ALMA Laboratories has one of the lowest minimums in the contract packaging and manufacturing industry on custom formulated products. The minimum are generally dictated by the size of the smallest batch (100 kgs) and filling line requirements of 2,500 pcs. We can accept smaller or may require larger minimum depending on factors such as package minimums, and batch sizes.

• How long does it take?
Our typical lead times are only 4 to 8 weeks depending on the project for manufacturing. If we start with formulation services, packaging design and sourcing, testing and manufacturing the typical time restraints may be 6 months to a year to launch. It is advisable that no matter whom you will engage, to budget at least 6 months for a comfortable launch date.

• How does this work?
We can create a custom formulated product or you can use one of our stock bases that we can scent, fill and label with your labels for that professional look. If you would like us to create a custom formulation or if you simply want to use one of our stock bases that we can scent and even color or add some extra ingredients then just let us know. We offer several options to fit any budget and our formulations are backed by our Minimum Shelf Life Guarantee. Contact us today with the details of your project and we can help you get started right away.

• What about the packaging?
Our packaging capabilities include almost any bottle or jar. Almost any tubes (with properly fitted tooling) can be filled at our facility. We have also added a hot pour line that is capable of filling stick or pot type balms. If you want us to source your packaging, then we can certainly offer this service as well. Samples are required for testing before a quote can be offered.

• How much does is cost?
The total estimated cost for your project can only be determined once we have all the details like the product(s) chosen, formulation, packaging, quantity, labeling requirements, and finishing details. Additionally, we do require that you approve a pre-production lab sample of any product formulations upon purchase ort

• How long does a quote take?
Your general quote can take up to 10 business days to complete once we get all required information and can be emailed or faxed. Reworking a quote for different quantities and different parameters require same amount of additional time. Please note that lack of detailed information from you in the beginning can result in delays of any project requests.

• What happens next?
Once you confirm your “Production Agreement” and send us a purchase order, we will email or fax you a proforma invoice with all the details so that there are no misunderstanding. We must receive this signed contract and any other required forms along with your down payment, as well as all the other items that you will be supplying before we will put your project on the production schedule.

• What about my privacy?
ALMA Laboratories has done contract manufacturing and packaging for hundreds of companies around the world and we are very committed to our policy on privacy for our clients. We will sign a Confidentiality Agreement with all new clients.


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